Halina Duda

I have been a Travel Professional since 1980, and it is truly the most wonderful and rewarding career. I love anything challenging! Anything overseas is my specialty. I have done it all and booked it all! I have personally been to over 75 countries. Therefore, my expertise never comes in short supply.

  My favorite adventure:
                       A Baltic Cruise with my beautiful family visiting the Nordic and Scandinavian cultures full of history and Viking adventure. Visiting the tiny old town of Tallinn, Estonia is truly the gem of Europe. Whirling cobblestone paths, walking hand in hand with my amazing husband and the kids running from shop to shop in search of the nearest bakery! A quick 2 day trip to frozen in communist-era time, St. Petersburg, Russia was a treat into some of the greatest artistic and historical pieces of our time. From sweet pastries to strong vodka, I will always remember the joy that this trip brought to my family and I. 

Mary Ann Liptak

I have been a Travel Professional since 1985, and it gives me a rush! That feeling of taking people's dreams and designing them into a lifetime of memories. My specialties include group trips that can be all-inclusive. Europe, weddings, bachelor/bachlorette groups. I can do it all! It is all possible with me. 

   My favorite adventure:
                        My honeymoon to Bora Bora was a lovely adventure. We had a bungalow on the water and watched the fish swim right beneath our feet! I scuba dove with my scuba partner for life, Casey to about 100 feet and could almost hug a manta ray the size of my bungalow! A  memory to last me a lifetime. Even now, when I am running around with the kids this way and that way, sometimes I just stop close my eyes and remember the sound of the crashing waves as we fell asleep in our bungalow. That's my secret to a marriage that has lasted over 20 years, an amazing honeymoon.

Kinga Izabela Baka

From my beautiful country of Poland, I have come to share the joy and inspiring views of the Tatra mountains and rolling green hills. I combine my passion for discovering off-the-beaten-path adventures to create unique and memorable itineraries.  My goal is to work with you to help plan your perfect trip and introduce you to options you didn’t even know existed. I will work closely with you to design your itinerary and offer specific recommendations based on your preferences and desires. I look forward to helping you plan your next adventure.

My favorite adventure:

          Everything Poland! My most memorable trips would include Our Lady of Czestochowa chapel and the image of the Black Madonna. I was 7 years old at the time. To this day I remember the magnificent sight of the chapel and the painting. It has left a lasting impression on me to this day. When I travel to Poland I always make time to visit her again and marvel at the beauty that is Czestochowa.

Another favorite destination is, Wieliczka Salt Mines. St. Kinga's statue, the chapel, salt lake and the bottom of St. Kinga's shaft are some of the attractions that I love...or it might be the name...... There is a number of sights to see. I always go there when traveling to Poland and I see something new every time I'm there!